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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

THE DARK TOWER Official Trailer Book to Big Screen

We finally get a look at the legendary Dark Tower book series bursting it's way on to the Big Screen!

Oh right, Oh right, Oh right.

From : Sony Pictures

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Game of thrones season 7 New Pictues John Snow The Hound King of the North.

The Game is Upon Us

Long have we waited for the season seven premiere of one of the most impressive and loved TV series of all time. ......And we still have a while to go. But while we wait we can grab at every little nibble they drop us. Just released are the little revealing at most. But there was some info deduced.

 It looks like Deanerys StormBorn and her badass entourage of Tyrion,Varys, GreyWorm, and Missandei have made there way to Westeros.
     Cersei and Jaime Lannister appear together while she holds the Iron Throne. But we think back to the end of season six and Jaime looking to Cersei as they have a yet to be handled exchange....Or they will just have angry sex again.
    John Snow seems to be home in the crypts of WinterFell. As new King Of The North i'm sure he has much to ponder.

     It seems that Dany ends up in her families long lost castle that was recently held by Stannis Baratheon before he meat is ballsy demise to the awesome Brienne of Tarth.
   Speeking of Brienne, we find her with the Wildling Tormund. And you can tell he is still being his flirty ol bear of man self. But it also looks like they may be at WinterFell as well.
       We find The Hound cold and angry as usual. Traveling with a group that i couldn't identify. Let me know if you know? 
           You can find more pictures but I found these the most intriguing. The amazing show has just two more seasons and they are even growing shorter in length. Season six had ten episodes and this season will have only eight. The upside is that we will be getting season eight much faster with the time between the seasons dropping substantially. Season & premieres July 16, 2017. I can't wait till it arrives. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Guardians 2! Ego the Living Planet, Tango and Cash, Groot as an Idiot! Can it get any better?

Guardians Vol 2

Wow guys, this really looks like it is going to be good.Trailer after trailer has been released giving us a little bit of a deeper look each time. The first full trailer gave us a glimpse into where Vol 2 is taking us. Telling us that the guardians are definitely gonna make more money now for being "two time galaxy savers"! But, along the way we will be diving into the unknown on screen lineage of Peter Quill (Chris Pratt). Specifically, The father of Star-Lord? (Peter Quill) Which seems to be ....Kurt Russell?! Well, Kurt as Ego the Living Planet. Which opens up the Lore and more to the Guardian universe.
 We have Pom Klementieff as the Also making a return is the lovely Nebula (Karen Gillan). Sister of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) a all around troublesome character in the previous guardians film. But it looks like the two sisters may slightly mend fences. With her being seen with, and what looks like, against the Guardians in different parts of the trailers. Specifically one scene with Drax answering a voice over playing through the trailer saying they are scared, jealous, hateful,and not friends. To which Drax answers"were family, except maybe her" (Nodding toward Nebula). So i'm willing to bet they have some fun interaction. Either with or against each other.

 I would say the biggest reveal since Spidey landing in Civil war is Kurt Russell..As Ego The Living Planet! (Human form). Which is a very interesting character with a crazy background that opens tons of story line options. If you do not know the backstory for Ego The Living Planet then a cliff note version is now that he was created by The Stranger. A being of an entire race of Gigantians somehow melded together to one being. It has literally not been explained how. The Stranger also created Alter Ego. Which pitted the two together. Ego destroyed Alter Ego, and now has him orbiting as a moon. No way telling if they will go that far into the characters history or if they even keep it as it is in the comics. After all, in the comics he is not Star Lords father.
Finally, it has been confirmed that Sylvester Stallone is in GotGVol2! Although who he is portraying is still murky. What is not murky is the fact that we are definitely getting what we forgot we even wanted.... Tango and Cash Reunion!

Baby Groot! If there was ever a sell able toy design its Baby Groot. But in is to be said this is not your favorite name spouting space plant. As James Gunn tells us in a interview by SFX Magazine "He sacrificed himself for the people he loves" when he sacrifices himself in the first film.Then returning as a mischievous dancing plant by the credits. Gunn says "He's stupid-he's a baby, he's an idiot". So that's the reasoning for his unhelpful behavior with Rocket and the bomb in the trailers. Still a great overall visual design. using the big eyes for added cuteness.
 It is looking like we are about to go on another awesome adventure with the ever entertaining Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. I, myself am really hoping for either a Thor or Hulk Cameo. Maybe the Hulk coming across the guardians or Ego on his way the The planet we will find him on in Thor Ragnarok. After all Ego did have 2 encounters with the Hulk in TV series. once as an enemy then as an ally. One can only hope. We did get a look at something attacking what looks like earth in a sneak peak of Guillermo's Marvel acting debut as an officer during some kind of colossal attack on the planet. What look like a giant goop vacuum growing in size. Ego?

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Fate of the Furious and Transformers The Last Knight decides to share....Plot points?

I want to start this by saying I could be wrong.
 Is it just 
me or does it seem as if two of the biggest current franchises 
in films may have picked a very similar plot for there next 
installments? The upcoming Fate of The Furious has a general 
theme to all their currently released trailer of the hero 
becoming the ultimate bad ass bad guy. What other huge, 
currently popular franchise is releasing there next installment 
almost at the same time? I would say that Transformers The Last 
Knight has a general theme to all trailers so far of Optimus 
turning into the ultimate bad ass bad guy.

After looking into what I could about the plot for each film. 
It seems the similarities go a bit deeper. According to the 
always helpful IMDB. One of there 3 plot summaries goes 
further in saying that Optimus finds cybertron and learns he 
was in some way responsible for it's destruction. In order to 
rectify his error he must find a artifact on earth. It goes no 
further but I'm sure in some way this mission leads to his 
turning to the dark side if you will.

Although the plot details for Fate of the Furious does not mention Dom discovering he destroyed his home planet and learns the only way to fix it is to find a artifact hidden on earth. We can clearly tell from the released trailers that for one reason or another Dom flips sides and begins creating havoc for his past team mates. I'm sure it is possible that Optimus met Charlize Theron. It was clear when searching that most of the details surrounding the Fate of the Furious are more descriptive of it's neck snapping action than any telling plot points. Still, I would expect it is safe to say that Dom will be a real pain for his friends of Furious past.

So yes, all I truly have to go on for this assumption is the bits of obviousness in the trailers. But I can be realistic enough to know that the reasons behind the Turn-Heel of each Hero will be greatly different. It just leaves me confused as to how these two Blockbusting titans could possibly pick such a similar story arch for there heroes at such a similar point in time. I guess it's better than one or the other doing it first. In fact that may be the answer. Literally guessing, But if one of the two had chosen this plot point and then the other just so happen to do the same. Then they both learn of each others highly comparable story line and neither wants to pivot or play second fiddle. I guess I can only wait and see If I am completely wrong in my assumption. But I think the points are pretty obviously shown.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Mummy 2017 Official Trailer

New, re-imagined world for #TheMummy franchise. F-ing Tom Cruise Man. Can't knock the trailer though. Def new look, Style, and Story! .....So far....I'm in!

Trailer shared from Zero Media

Friday, March 31, 2017

GAME OF THRONES Season 7 First Trailer

The dragons are coming! The dragons are coming!....... As well as an Imp, a Dragon Mother, A Unique, A lesbian Pirate, A frosty Demon, and so much more... I can't wait!!

Trailer courtesy of Entertainment Access 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

SPІDЕR-MАN HOMECOMІNG Official Trailer # 2 (2017) Tom Holland, Robert Do...

Now this looks like the Spiderman we know and love. Throw in a lil RDJ and you got one hell of a recipe. One of the best lines we have heard in a while "if your nothing without the suit then you shouldn't have it!" God that was good! Who else is ready for #Hollandspider .

Saturday, March 25, 2017

JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer 2 (2017)

Aquaman is a badass, but I'm Bats 4 Life!

New JL trailer Looks SICK!