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Sunday, June 5, 2016

X-Men Apocalypse Review

Building a Better One

X-Men Apocalypse 

Spoiler Free

I'm gonna go ahead and leave all the reviewing in the video. So with that said, I hope you all enjoy the video and give it a like, Sub, Follow, or comment at the least. Bitch at me all you like. I don't mind a bit. ( Yes, This is the beautiful DeadPool shirt from my previous review video. I might make it a thing, Idk yet.) Enjoy the content and if you would like, let me know what you want reviewed or discussed in the comment section. Did X-Men Apocalypse disappoint or was it completely awesome. Watch the review to find out. Thx Everyone for your support.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War

   Well Everyone, I think we finally have it. We finally have a film that everyone on planet earth will love! There is some small room for a few minor complaints. But if you do not absolutely love this film, You are a damn robot. Or just .......Not human. This is literally a no beerier film. Civil war bridges all the gaps. Family film, Action Flick, comedy, supense, drama, Maybe not horror. But cmon, That's pretty damn impressive. Civil is hitting home runs from begging to end. I loved it. My favorite hero film ever. I WILL say "best Marvel Film to date".
  I was definitely team cap all the way. But without a doubt you can see Stark's point. And his conviction on the action's needed to be taken. Which was so compelling in and of it's self. Chris Evans played Cap perfect. He is Captain America. So to think of a future without Evans holding that shield just feels complicated. 
Enough reading! Here is my review for civil war.
Hope you enjoy.

Captain America Civil War Review!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hardcore Henry - Hardcore is right!

  OK folks, let me say this up front. Not everyone will like this movie. My wife definitely was not a fan. I think she got worn out with all the action while having such little story. And I will admit that in my opinion Hardcore Henry redefine's the term "Action Packed". Even more so than Mad Max, which I considered the prime example for doing action "right" in recent years. The creators were careful and calculating in there decisions on each and every scene. It is evident when watching the craziness unfold as Henry tries to avoid being taken out by the big bad of our story, Akan. Well, mainly his henchmen. But Akan keeps popping in and out of the scenario's Henry finds himself in. The fighting is brutal and effective. Lots of hand to hand and knife to throat. 
 Sharlto Copley plays the role of Henry's helping hand through all this, Jimmy. His instructions and appearances kinda get Henry from A - Z. Feels allot like how Call Of Duty always has that character who his going through the level With you. But with allot more personality. I was absolutely entertained with every second of screen time Copley occupied. He not only gave much needed levity to contrast the action. He made a rather memorable character that you couldn't wait to see again.

Jimmy- Sharlto Copley


  After watching some behind the scenes footage of Hardcore Henry,(Click Here, AMAZING!)  Bad ass, well delivered action, is bad ass well delivered action. It is a NON-Stop thrill ride of pulse pounding,gut shanking, face smashing, mind bending fun. (I guess DC could take a few notes. Considering the new direction for the DCEU is to be "fun".)
Buuuutttttt, That is not to say the film is flawless. The first ten to fifteen min i had a bit of trouble adjusting to the visuals and the shakiness. That seems to dissipate after a bit though. Maybe intended to give the viewer a more hectic, unnerving experience due to what Henry is going through. (Don't Quote me on that one though.) Either way the visuals seem to get smoother or you just begin to accept it. But there always seems to be a feeling of not seeing everything. Or I should say, "wanting to see more of whats happening in the scene". 

Director - Ilya Naishuller

 As I mentioned earlier HCH is not much on "Story".  Meaning, the plot is nothing groundbreaking. The stunts and visuals = groundbreaking. Plot and twists = seen it all before. But The level of commitment from the stuntmen/camera men, Dirctor, and additional actors is very evident when you see the film. Plus, you can tell they used very little CGI. So you cannot help but be impressed by what they are able to accomplish without the aid of visual effects.( So i guess that's a plus actually.) In certain scenes the POV cam just makes it difficult to understand exactly whats happening. Just a bunch of gibberish. Hate to say it.
 None the less, HCH is milestone in cinema. I would not be surprised at all to see more film makers begin pulling from this styling. (Good luck to them) All of our hats should be off to everyone involved in the creation of this cinematic marvel.

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  Hardcore Henry gets a

4 - 5

Friday, April 22, 2016

Batman V Superman - there DoomsDay? (SPOILER FREE)

 I am scared shitless for the future of the DCEU. They now have me so pumped for the future but It seems to me ...and obviously most everyone else,  that this film was not a "success". Most are saying it's a flat out failure. I can agree that it did not, at all, have the "POW" that should have come with BVS!!! ...On screen....For the first time....EVER!!! And now DC is acting unsure of it's next step.

 As of 4-13-16 DC confirmed Affleck for Batman solo film but not in detail. No word if he will direct, produce, wright, etc...only that he will be throwing that cape and cowl back on. Will he continue to consider the death's of the bad guys "collateral Damage" ? One can only hope. (On a side note, did anyone catch the fact that batman has become so accustomed to killing baddies that he dreams about it.) Still bad ass though. I'm definitely interested in seeing more of this Batman.

   Mr. Eisenberg.....I think I see where you were trying to go with "Alexander Luthor" (Not the original Luthor, wah wah, I know, i know, it's his son.) But even with that excuse, it still seemed more like a Mad Hatter, or Riddler character. I mean....An egg timer? That was Mad Hatter/Riddler all the way! Not to mention the little quirks he put to the character, the playfulness, the giddiness. Keep him on the side of the story. Then choose a more Mature, maybe older actor for the Lex role. Fuck It! Two Villains. (or three with DD.) You threw all this other crap in we didn't need. (I still liked the movie though)

   Glancing over a few other characters such as Louis Lane. Not much to say. She played "Damsel in Distress". Old news. She had a much better role in Man Of Steel in my opinion.It seems like they chose to use this movie as bait. Have a giant name (BVS), to get us interested and to the theater. Gave us a pinch of what we wanted (BVS), and used 70% of the film as world establishment. As "look, this will be awesome!, Later!". And i'm fine with that, but i would have loved if they gave a little more care to the actual reasoning of B "VERSING" S. I mean, Batman was basically a dumb ass. (And trust me, I have tried to tell myself all kinds of dumb shit to get Batman off the hook for his stupidity.) Cmon Bruce!

   Wonder Women was the end...for like four min. Through out the movie she was coy,cunning, slick, and intelligent.  but underused. When she hits that screen for the first time, with her suit, shield, sword, and lasso, The theater erupted in cheer. As did I.
  I honestly did enjoy allot of this film. And to see The Holy Trinity on screen for the first time ever... Was Awesome. I loved it. It did get me excited for whats to come. I just hope DC and WB don't panic because this film is definitely going to lose to Civil War in this round of Marvel VS DC. The early reviews of Civil War are already super positive. Most who have seen the early screening are saying it will probably be considered the best "Super Hero" film yet. BVS should not be competing at this time in my opinion. They should simply be focused on building their characters and establishing  there stories. DC must face the fact that they will not be on level ground with Marvel till they begin playing to the strength's of the DC universe and utilize their assets in a more creative manor. I just feel they are too focused on the dollar right now instead of delivering a interesting, action packed but caring and meaningful story. Just worry about telling a great story and ignore whatever marvel has going on.......(Sorry Marvel, I Love you both equally......NO FAVORITES !!)   Cmon  DC....You can do it!!

BVS Gets A 

3 -5


Monday, January 18, 2016

Top 5 to Blame if Batman V Superman SUCKS!

 Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice is now one of the hottest topics that you can bring up in a convo. And frankly, I really want to know who I can blame if this big deal turns out to be no deal. (Which I very much hope it does not). Or who to praise if B.V.S finds it's way into bad ass film history. (Which I very much hope it does). So here is the top five people to blame if B.V.S falls flat on it's face.

Ben  Affleck
As Batman/Bruce Wayne

 Our good old friend DareDevil finds his way into a batsuit. But to Ben's credit, In my opinion he has grown as a actor since his role as Matt Murdock of hell's kitchen. In fact he has grown as a actor, director, producer, etc.... Ben has since gave us excellent films such as The Town and Gone Baby Gone. Just to name a couple. I hope we get to see how mature and sincere Ben Affleck has become as a actor. And he puts his all into the Bruce Wayne/Batman character that we will get in this rendering. Batman is definitely a new animal in this go round. Which puts allot of this film's weight on Ben Affleck to deliver a believable and interesting portrayal of the Bat. Good luck Ben, I hope you pull it off.

Gal Gadot
As Wonder Women/Princess Diana

 Providing the role of Wonder Women is none other than our very own Fast and Furious star Gal Gadot. Although most of the F&F films were well received, i didn't watch those films and say "wow that chick would make a perfect Wonder Women". So maybe Zach Snyder and friends see something most fans DO NOT! I know, I know, Heath Ledger was not a fan favorite when he was cast and he did amazing. So that could happen here. But there is allot working against Gal in this situation. In most's opinion Gal Gadot does not look, sound, and or give the feeling of a almighty amazon, Wonder Women. And I agree. When I got my first glimpse at Gal sporting her new W.W. threads, I didn't get the same feeling as when I saw the new Bat or even the new Aquaman. And I only seen him in a photo.

Henry Cavill
As Clark Kent/SuperMan

 Now some or even most may disagree but Man Of Steel kicked ass. So with some luck, Cavill can keep the character interesting and realistic. (Still....those glasses aint fooling nobody man!). This incarnation of Superman is a young one. He is not Mr. "save everyone and rarely ever make a mistake" Superman. He is still learning his own powers. We have yet to see the ice breath, if they even use it. And I think Cavill did a great job of delivering a off balance performance. Like he, as well as the audience had no idea what was coming next. Now in B.V.S I'm hoping he is a little bit more grounded and decisive. Hopefully he is grasping a better idea of what he is supposed to become. Yes Cavill is bound by the story  as to what Superman chooses to do, but it's up to Cavill to keep us intrigued and caring about what happens to the character next. That's why he is #3 on the list.

David S. Goyer/Chris Terrio
As Writers Of B.V.S

 David S. Goyer and Chris Terrio are the architect's of the choices of our characters in this ground breaking film. So Allot of the shade will cover them if the story decisions SUCK. And honestly there has already been a very dumb choice made if you ask most fans. Most likely not the choices of the writers, but why the hell would you choose to put Doomsday in a damn trailer if he is the big bad of the film. I'm so tired of the film trailers reveling way too damn much of the movie. Anyway, David S. Goyer is a serious player in terms of great stories. He is responsible for some of my favorites such as the Blade trilogy and Christopher Nolan's Batman. He even had a hand in writing COD Black ops one and two. (But we wont hold all of black ops 2 against him). So Goyer seems to have the chops to deliver a interesting story. While Chris Terrio wrote the screenplay for the 2012 hit Argo that was directed by Ben Affleck. As well as directed the feature film Heights. Hopefully the two together can deliver something gripping as well as action packed. While still making sense and leaving us wanting more of the DC Universe.

Zach Snyder
As The Director

 I hope I have Snyder on here so everyone can thank him for a awesome, wild ride. with a new and interesting Batman and Superman. Buuuuuuuuuttttt, If BVS sucks, It's mainly his damn fault! Zach pushed the boundaries with MOS and turned allot of hardcore fans away. Saying Snyder made a Micheal Bay version of Superman. I personally loved MOS and loved the destruction and power we finally got to see Superman wield. But i think if Snyder simply makes this a destruction movie with a bunch of cliches and "Buddy Cop" movie moments. He can ruin the the new DC Cinematic Universe.He needs to fill the movie with fresh, interesting moments between Bats and Sups that we have not seen before. And sprinkle in a few we have. Of course you make the fight epic. And they need to spend a good chunk on the Batman/Superman fight. Not a two min heavy scrap and then jump to Doomsday. I hope the two fights are rather equal in length.(Both long). Also It would be refreshing if there was something new done when introducing the other characters on the roster. Frankly, I am hoping for a history maker with this one. Cmon ZACK!