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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War

   Well Everyone, I think we finally have it. We finally have a film that everyone on planet earth will love! There is some small room for a few minor complaints. But if you do not absolutely love this film, You are a damn robot. Or just .......Not human. This is literally a no beerier film. Civil war bridges all the gaps. Family film, Action Flick, comedy, supense, drama, Maybe not horror. But cmon, That's pretty damn impressive. Civil is hitting home runs from begging to end. I loved it. My favorite hero film ever. I WILL say "best Marvel Film to date".
  I was definitely team cap all the way. But without a doubt you can see Stark's point. And his conviction on the action's needed to be taken. Which was so compelling in and of it's self. Chris Evans played Cap perfect. He is Captain America. So to think of a future without Evans holding that shield just feels complicated. 
Enough reading! Here is my review for civil war.
Hope you enjoy.

Captain America Civil War Review!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Hardcore Henry - Hardcore is right!

  OK folks, let me say this up front. Not everyone will like this movie. My wife definitely was not a fan. I think she got worn out with all the action while having such little story. And I will admit that in my opinion Hardcore Henry redefine's the term "Action Packed". Even more so than Mad Max, which I considered the prime example for doing action "right" in recent years. The creators were careful and calculating in there decisions on each and every scene. It is evident when watching the craziness unfold as Henry tries to avoid being taken out by the big bad of our story, Akan. Well, mainly his henchmen. But Akan keeps popping in and out of the scenario's Henry finds himself in. The fighting is brutal and effective. Lots of hand to hand and knife to throat. 
 Sharlto Copley plays the role of Henry's helping hand through all this, Jimmy. His instructions and appearances kinda get Henry from A - Z. Feels allot like how Call Of Duty always has that character who his going through the level With you. But with allot more personality. I was absolutely entertained with every second of screen time Copley occupied. He not only gave much needed levity to contrast the action. He made a rather memorable character that you couldn't wait to see again.

Jimmy- Sharlto Copley


  After watching some behind the scenes footage of Hardcore Henry,(Click Here, AMAZING!)  Bad ass, well delivered action, is bad ass well delivered action. It is a NON-Stop thrill ride of pulse pounding,gut shanking, face smashing, mind bending fun. (I guess DC could take a few notes. Considering the new direction for the DCEU is to be "fun".)
Buuuutttttt, That is not to say the film is flawless. The first ten to fifteen min i had a bit of trouble adjusting to the visuals and the shakiness. That seems to dissipate after a bit though. Maybe intended to give the viewer a more hectic, unnerving experience due to what Henry is going through. (Don't Quote me on that one though.) Either way the visuals seem to get smoother or you just begin to accept it. But there always seems to be a feeling of not seeing everything. Or I should say, "wanting to see more of whats happening in the scene". 

Director - Ilya Naishuller

 As I mentioned earlier HCH is not much on "Story".  Meaning, the plot is nothing groundbreaking. The stunts and visuals = groundbreaking. Plot and twists = seen it all before. But The level of commitment from the stuntmen/camera men, Dirctor, and additional actors is very evident when you see the film. Plus, you can tell they used very little CGI. So you cannot help but be impressed by what they are able to accomplish without the aid of visual effects.( So i guess that's a plus actually.) In certain scenes the POV cam just makes it difficult to understand exactly whats happening. Just a bunch of gibberish. Hate to say it.
 None the less, HCH is milestone in cinema. I would not be surprised at all to see more film makers begin pulling from this styling. (Good luck to them) All of our hats should be off to everyone involved in the creation of this cinematic marvel.

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  Hardcore Henry gets a

4 - 5