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Friday, April 22, 2016

Batman V Superman - there DoomsDay? (SPOILER FREE)

 I am scared shitless for the future of the DCEU. They now have me so pumped for the future but It seems to me ...and obviously most everyone else,  that this film was not a "success". Most are saying it's a flat out failure. I can agree that it did not, at all, have the "POW" that should have come with BVS!!! ...On screen....For the first time....EVER!!! And now DC is acting unsure of it's next step.

 As of 4-13-16 DC confirmed Affleck for Batman solo film but not in detail. No word if he will direct, produce, wright, etc...only that he will be throwing that cape and cowl back on. Will he continue to consider the death's of the bad guys "collateral Damage" ? One can only hope. (On a side note, did anyone catch the fact that batman has become so accustomed to killing baddies that he dreams about it.) Still bad ass though. I'm definitely interested in seeing more of this Batman.

   Mr. Eisenberg.....I think I see where you were trying to go with "Alexander Luthor" (Not the original Luthor, wah wah, I know, i know, it's his son.) But even with that excuse, it still seemed more like a Mad Hatter, or Riddler character. I mean....An egg timer? That was Mad Hatter/Riddler all the way! Not to mention the little quirks he put to the character, the playfulness, the giddiness. Keep him on the side of the story. Then choose a more Mature, maybe older actor for the Lex role. Fuck It! Two Villains. (or three with DD.) You threw all this other crap in we didn't need. (I still liked the movie though)

   Glancing over a few other characters such as Louis Lane. Not much to say. She played "Damsel in Distress". Old news. She had a much better role in Man Of Steel in my opinion.It seems like they chose to use this movie as bait. Have a giant name (BVS), to get us interested and to the theater. Gave us a pinch of what we wanted (BVS), and used 70% of the film as world establishment. As "look, this will be awesome!, Later!". And i'm fine with that, but i would have loved if they gave a little more care to the actual reasoning of B "VERSING" S. I mean, Batman was basically a dumb ass. (And trust me, I have tried to tell myself all kinds of dumb shit to get Batman off the hook for his stupidity.) Cmon Bruce!

   Wonder Women was the end...for like four min. Through out the movie she was coy,cunning, slick, and intelligent.  but underused. When she hits that screen for the first time, with her suit, shield, sword, and lasso, The theater erupted in cheer. As did I.
  I honestly did enjoy allot of this film. And to see The Holy Trinity on screen for the first time ever... Was Awesome. I loved it. It did get me excited for whats to come. I just hope DC and WB don't panic because this film is definitely going to lose to Civil War in this round of Marvel VS DC. The early reviews of Civil War are already super positive. Most who have seen the early screening are saying it will probably be considered the best "Super Hero" film yet. BVS should not be competing at this time in my opinion. They should simply be focused on building their characters and establishing  there stories. DC must face the fact that they will not be on level ground with Marvel till they begin playing to the strength's of the DC universe and utilize their assets in a more creative manor. I just feel they are too focused on the dollar right now instead of delivering a interesting, action packed but caring and meaningful story. Just worry about telling a great story and ignore whatever marvel has going on.......(Sorry Marvel, I Love you both equally......NO FAVORITES !!)   Cmon  DC....You can do it!!

BVS Gets A 

3 -5